Teaching Fellowship Program

Update: 22 February, 2021

We began our Teaching Fellowship Program began on 20 February 2021 with the aim to expand our pool of teachers & facilitators. We’re excited to have diverse candidates hailing from Coimbatore, Pune, New Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, Trichur and Gangtok on board with us, with all of them having a shared interest in visual arts, photography and teaching.
This program will equip participants with the knowledge, skills, and community to become more effective, collaborative agents of change in the educational sector. 

Meet our teaching fellows!

Each fellow will be provided with the opportunity to develop core concepts such as:

  1. Visual vocabulary
  2. Fundamentals of photography (such as exposure, composition, and light) 
  3. Technical knowledge and digital post-processing
  4. Storytelling
  5. Soft skills needed to conduct classes and inspire creativity

Structure of the Program

  • 12 hours of an online training course (Tentative: Jan 9-10 and Jan 22-23)
  • 2 hours of one-on-one mentoring (with a mentor from CPB Foundation before and after completion of the training course)
  • Curriculum development discussions & feedback (On weekends Jan-Mar; dates to be announced)

Vision for CPB Fellowship Program

The CPB fellowship was conceptualized with the vision to extend CPB Prism’s lens-based curriculum to students and institutions all over India. The program has been designed to select, onboard, and mentor a minimum of one new fellow each year, who in turn would be able to provide their time and resources to the wellbeing and education of children from all walks of life through their involvement in (free and paid) afterschool and weekend programs.

The fellowship will not only expand one’s creative potential, but will also broaden their network of professionals, curators and educational institutes within the industry for future engagements, collaborations and partnerships. 

Upon being chosen after a stringent application process, you will be offered paying engagements for services rendered.

Fellowship Process

I. Application and Selection Process
A. Eligibility: Who can apply?
  1. Someone who has the desire to take time out of their schedule to teach and educate children 
  2. Someone who is committed to engaging with the CPB Fellowship program and supplement your income through our engagements 
  3. Someone who is able to network and expand the vision of the fellowship through the adoption of new partner institutions through the promotion of the after school program.
B. Application
  1. Your application will help us understand your eligibility, experiences, your motivations and desire to be a part of this workshop and why you would want to learn to become an educator and possible fellow. 
  2. After a review of your application by our experienced panel of curators, you will be invited to share your story over an online call to complete your application process of selection along with an essay of submission for us to understand your motives and ambitions. . 
  3. Once selected you will be provided with all the details of the workshop and preparative work needed for the course.
C. Participation

All selected candidates will have attend four days of training: Jan 9-10 and Jan 22-23

D. Completion
  1. Participation certificates will be provided to all who have completed the workshop.
  2. To receive the completion certificate participants are required to attend all sessions and provide an end of a course assignment that will be evaluated 
  3. Only when all requirements have been met, will a participant be eligible for a possible fellowship. 
II. Cost of Workshop:

From all the applications submitted, the ten most suited participants will be chosen. The workshop is free of cost for all selected participants.

III. Batch size

No more than 10 participants will be selected for the workshop from all submitted applications 

IV. Immediate Benefits

At the end of the workshop and after an internal review and assessment of your engagement, skills, and desires to teach, CPM Prism will open its network to you and if selected to become a  fellow, you will be offered a career path into the world of photo education.

V. Commitment

A requirement/agreement of part-time engagement and commitment will be needed from the fellow for a minimum of  1 year with the selected institution to retain the title of fellow.