Open Call: This is Home

In December 2021, 10 young photographers were featured as part of our exhibition This is Home during CPB Edition 3 Students’ Showcase!

The theme required children to reflect on what ‘home’ means to them, and the way their relationship with home changed during the pandemic.

The project was an attempt at turning our gazes inward, at reflecting on the things that are most essential to us about home — the people we love, the objects we treasure, the places we feel safest in, the neighborhoods we’ve grown up in, the friends and strangers who are special to us, and the archives of photographs our families have built over decades.

Check out the 10 winning entries below!

Mehar Brar, 13, Gurugram
Cuddled in my blanket, sleeping in my bed, this is where I will tread: home.

Malik Shakir, 21, Srinagar
A Kashmiri nomadic boy feeds a group of hens in the early morning in the south of Srinagar, Indian administered Kashmir.

Dikshant Kumar, 15, New Delhi
The closer you get, the more beautiful it will be.

Prisha Ranjan, 12, New Delhi
Sweet family hug

Derrick Cephas Charles, 7, Chennai
My cute and handsome little brother.
Zinnia Sengupta, 24, Pune
My thamma, 87, a recent COVID survivor and a prankster. Seconds before, she told me she wanted to eat phuchka and pinched my nose. I’m home.

Indigo Larmour, 13, New Delhi
The little everyday activities and rituals are common in homes all around the world. It’s a place to prepare yourself, to put on makeup or brush your hair before you go out of the door.

Pubarun Basu, 20, Kolkata
Game of colours.

J Nahshon, 8, Chennai
My favorite place to relax.

S. Johann Stefford, 9, Chennai
Tommy, my favorite pet at home.

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