The CPB Creative Carnival

The CPB Creative Carnival was a pop-up art mela bringing ‘A Land of Stories’, our photo exhibition at Egmore Museum, to a close. The carnival hosted a host of fun and engaging activities for children, including cyanotype printing, photo bingo, ‘Find Forage Make’ (an activity about creating artwork, sculptures, patterns, etc. using foraged material), a story writingContinue reading “The CPB Creative Carnival”

Open Call: This is Home

In December 2021, 10 young photographers were featured as part of our exhibition This is Home during CPB Edition 3 Students’ Showcase! The theme required children to reflect on what ‘home’ means to them, and the way their relationship with home changed during the pandemic. The project was an attempt at turning our gazes inward,Continue reading “Open Call: This is Home”

Participate in CONTAGION, an online exhibition!

We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with Science Gallery Bengaluru (SGB) on CONTAGION, an online exhibition exploring the phenomenon of the transmission of emotions, behaviors, and diseases. About Contagion CONTAGION will explore the phenomenon of the transmission of emotions, behaviours, and diseases. CONTAGION is scheduled to open in 2021.  The domino effect, the ripple effect, or the ability ofContinue reading “Participate in CONTAGION, an online exhibition!”

A Workshop Exploring ‘Masculinity’ at Kovilpatti

With the support of the Goethe-Institut, we were able to grab the unique opportunity to begin the new year with an in-person workshop at Manal Magudi, Kovilpatti with the objective of exploring themes of masculinity with children of ages 11-15. Spending time among children in their own community enabled us to specifically observe the interplay of gender roles and peer group relationships among them.

What is Home? – Digital Photo Showcase, Part 1

Students from the Nalandaway foundation recently had their first-ever online exhibition with CPB Prism after attending a 7-week photography course, during which they were divided into two batches. For the past few months, students had been exploring and photographing their homes and loved ones while building up to a final project. The projects reloved around whatContinue reading “What is Home? – Digital Photo Showcase, Part 1”

CPB at AISC’s 25th Anniversary

Earlier this year, the American International School Chennai invited us to be part of the 25th Year celebrations, a mela on the grounds that would attract the AISC community of students, teachers, staff, parents and partners! CPB was to organize a series of workshops with photo enthusiasts of their community that would culminate in aContinue reading “CPB at AISC’s 25th Anniversary”

One of a kind Residential Photo-Camp! (2 of 2)

Throwback to the first residential photocamp (1-3 Feb 2019) by Madhumita Rangarajan (read Part 1 here) Friday night we had to give them all a briefing on the topic that was ’Stories of the Ocean’, what it meant and what they had to shoot the next two days. On Saturday we all woke up earlyContinue reading “One of a kind Residential Photo-Camp! (2 of 2)”

One of a kind Residential Photo-Camp! (1 of 2)

Throwback to the first residential photocamp (1-3 Feb 2019) by Madhumita Rangarajan Hi, I am Madhumitha, a photographer based out of Chennai. I was with CPB from September 2018 to April 2019. During my stint there, I was a part of many photography workshops but there is one event that will always be close toContinue reading “One of a kind Residential Photo-Camp! (1 of 2)”

“What is home?” – A Digital Student Exhibition

June 27, 2020 | First-ever Online Exhibition with CPB Photocamps / Teen Photo Academy Over the course of seven weeks in the summer of 2020, our students first batch of #TeenPhotoAcademy tried to capture the essence of what home means to them through photographs. While one student included photographs of a little mynah’s nest she’s set up inContinue reading ““What is home?” – A Digital Student Exhibition”