What is Home? – Digital Photo Showcase, Part 2

(cont’d from Part 1) During the lockdown, students of the Nalandaway Foundation began exploring their environment and documenting their lives and relationships as part of a digital showcase. We also had a guest presenter Gurunathan Ramakrishnan showcase his work! A glimpse into the projects of the students: Madhumitha documented her surroundings and observed the peopleContinue reading “What is Home? – Digital Photo Showcase, Part 2”

Excerpts from New Indian Express (29th September 2020)

Over the years, the definition of home has transcended from its literal sense — of being made of four walls and metamorphosed into a feeling — one that takes you beyond its brick and mortar facade. For some, it could be a haven, an abode of entertainment, a place to just ‘crash’, a person whoContinue reading “Excerpts from New Indian Express (29th September 2020)”

All I see, I love | 19 Sep 2020 + Reviews

Our students from #EyeSpyWithCPB Level 2 and #TeenPhotoAcademy had their first ever online exhibition! For the past few months, students have been exploring and photographing their homes and loved ones while building up to a final project. Some students convey the bonds within their closely-knit family, some explore multiple homes, some document travels, while some showcase home as aContinue reading “All I see, I love | 19 Sep 2020 + Reviews”

“What is home?” – A Digital Student Exhibition

June 27, 2020 | First-ever Online Exhibition with CPB Photocamps / Teen Photo Academy Over the course of seven weeks in the summer of 2020, our students first batch of #TeenPhotoAcademy tried to capture the essence of what home means to them through photographs. While one student included photographs of a little mynah’s nest she’s set up inContinue reading ““What is home?” – A Digital Student Exhibition”