The CPB Creative Carnival

The CPB Creative Carnival was a pop-up art mela bringing ‘A Land of Stories’, our photo exhibition at Egmore Museum, to a close. The carnival hosted a host of fun and engaging activities for children, including cyanotype printing, photo bingo, ‘Find Forage Make’ (an activity about creating artwork, sculptures, patterns, etc. using foraged material), a story writingContinue reading “The CPB Creative Carnival”

Peer Ponder Play: A Book Review

Brilliantly illustrated, [the book] is an absolute page-turner, and it feels tempting to make your way through the entire book at once, rushing past the activities, but I’d suggest you savour it. Every page is carefully designed in order to pique a young artist’s interest and give them a sense of wonder when they lookContinue reading “Peer Ponder Play: A Book Review”

AISC CareerX: Diya Reddy, a student of Grade 12, on what fascinates her about CPB Edition III

The whole ideology and curation process behind the third edition of the Chennai Photo Biennale is so multifaceted, distinctive, and undoubtedly intriguing. The level of deliberation, commitment, and rumination put into the curation process of the biennale by the four distinctive curators, makes the ideology behind it all the more fascinating.  Curator, Bhooma Padmanabhan, statedContinue reading “AISC CareerX: Diya Reddy, a student of Grade 12, on what fascinates her about CPB Edition III”

Exploring Masculinity through Photography: Workshops with NalandaWay Delhi

In January 2021, we began what has now become a year-long collaboration with the Goethe-Institut, Chennai on their project M³: Man, Male, Masculine. Following workshops exploring masculinity and gender roles with children at Kovilpatti and Nalandaway Chennai, we’ve now completed two workshops with students from Nalandaway Delhi over three months, from June 1st to AugustContinue reading “Exploring Masculinity through Photography: Workshops with NalandaWay Delhi”

7 Films Exploring Boyhood and Masculinity

Here’s a list of films featuring boys and men challenging traditional gender roles for your next movie night! Each film is centered around male characters breaking gender stereotypes, exploring their gender identity, pursuing unconventional career paths or hobbies, or displaying characteristic traits and emotions that boys are often told to hide, such as sensitivity, affection,Continue reading “7 Films Exploring Boyhood and Masculinity”

Exploring Masculinity, Questioning Realities.

Over the past few months, we’ve been working on a project with the Goethe-Institut on Masculinity. We had 10 students from Nalandaway Foundation as part of our pilot workshop on this topic. Hi! I’m Habiba, one of the educators at CPB Prism. I was the primary educator for this program and this workshop took placeContinue reading “Exploring Masculinity, Questioning Realities.”

16 Books about Boys being Boys

A few months ago, we curated a list of books about children who challenged gender stereotypes. This time, we’d love to share with you a list of books focusing specifically on boys and masculinity! Each of these books targets the many ways patriarchy hinders boys from expressing themselves, and the numerous stereotypes that are heapedContinue reading “16 Books about Boys being Boys”

Cyanotype at Kannagi Nagar with Shishu Shakti

March 6, 2021 We went to Kannagi Nagar to teach students from Shishu Shakti the printing process of Cyanotype, which uses chemicals and sunlight! As mentor Varun Gupta started off the workshop by explaining the process, our students were excited and curious to learn something new. They were able to understand and see other waysContinue reading “Cyanotype at Kannagi Nagar with Shishu Shakti”

15 Storybooks for Children that Challenge Gender Stereotypes

A list of books that tell children that it’s okay to be different. Pink and Blue by Ritu Vaishnav (Available in the CPB Reading Room) Publisher: Puffin Pink is for girls, Blue is for boysGirls play house, Boys play cricketCry like a girl, Kick like a boy Sometimes grown-ups can say silly things that justContinue reading “15 Storybooks for Children that Challenge Gender Stereotypes”