A Photography workshop at Ajay Memorial Foundation – School for the hearing and speech impaired

We, at CPB Prism, got an opportunity to teach photography at the Ajay Memorial foundation earlier this month and this was our experience. We were engaged with the students for six classes in total and taught them the basics of photography. The workshop was designed to incorporate practical and theory classes. Some of the conceptsContinue reading “A Photography workshop at Ajay Memorial Foundation – School for the hearing and speech impaired”

A Photo a Day Kept the Doctor Away!

Being a father of two boys aged 11 and 6 and two dogs, during these unprecedented times of Coronavirus took a real toll on our mental wellbeing. Within a matter of weeks into the lockdown, I started to experience an overload of emotions, from anxiety to stress to gratitude. The physical and mental wellbeing ofContinue reading “A Photo a Day Kept the Doctor Away!”

A Workshop Exploring ‘Masculinity’ at Kovilpatti

With the support of the Goethe-Institut, we were able to grab the unique opportunity to begin the new year with an in-person workshop at Manal Magudi, Kovilpatti with the objective of exploring themes of masculinity with children of ages 11-15. Spending time among children in their own community enabled us to specifically observe the interplay of gender roles and peer group relationships among them.

Interview: Insider into Wildlife photography

Riddhi Mukherjee, a wildlife photographer and explorer, has traveled over vast distances to various places such as Assam, the Sundarbans Biosphere Reserve, and other national parks in India. His work, published in renowned magazines such as Lonely Planet, National Geographic, BBC and Sanctuary Asia, captures compelling images of the world around him.   This month,Continue reading “Interview: Insider into Wildlife photography”

Science of Photography

– By Raksita Rajagopal, age 15 Have you ever wondered whether there’s a science behind a single photograph? Because there is! There is a reaction behind every click. Scroll ahead if you’d like to know more! The science of photography covers all aspects of science. Physics, chemistry, you name it! It starts from the lensContinue reading “Science of Photography”

Social Media . . . a boon or a bane?

By: Suhani Sethi, KC High school, Grade 10 Photography is all the craze these days. Social media apps like Instagram and Facebook are constantly evolving to make their platform simpler but more sophisticated for photographers of all ages to promote their work! However, the emergence of different social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter goContinue reading “Social Media . . . a boon or a bane?”

All I see, I love | 19 Sep 2020 + Reviews

Our students from #EyeSpyWithCPB Level 2 and #TeenPhotoAcademy had their first ever online exhibition! For the past few months, students have been exploring and photographing their homes and loved ones while building up to a final project. Some students convey the bonds within their closely-knit family, some explore multiple homes, some document travels, while some showcase home as aContinue reading “All I see, I love | 19 Sep 2020 + Reviews”

CPB at AISC’s 25th Anniversary

Earlier this year, the American International School Chennai invited us to be part of the 25th Year celebrations, a mela on the grounds that would attract the AISC community of students, teachers, staff, parents and partners! CPB was to organize a series of workshops with photo enthusiasts of their community that would culminate in aContinue reading “CPB at AISC’s 25th Anniversary”

It’s a wrap!

Last week, we wrapped up four of our photography workshops – #TeenPhotoAcademy Edition 2, #EyespywithCPB Level 2, NalandwayxCPB Prism TeenPhotoAcademy and EyeSpywithCPB . The students are now gearing towards their digital photo showcase in September. It was great to see the students explore their homes during lockdown and create interesting photographs of their space andContinue reading “It’s a wrap!”