It’s a wrap!

Last week, we wrapped up four of our photography workshops – #TeenPhotoAcademy Edition 2, #EyespywithCPB Level 2, NalandwayxCPB Prism TeenPhotoAcademy and EyeSpywithCPB . The students are now gearing towards their digital photo showcase in September. It was great to see the students explore their homes during lockdown and create interesting photographs of their space and loved ones.

It has been an interesting journey connecting with students from across the globe. We had students from Chennai, Pondicherry, Dehi, Singapore and Dubai. Every student came with their own stories and perspectives and translated them into interesting visual narratives.The students have started exploring thier surroundings and home to create their final photo project!

A few student works

What the students had to say

This was the best workshop I’ve attended so far. The mentor always helps you and solves any problems we’re facing during the workshop. The mentors are more like friends and not like the teachers at all…They help you put your ideas into action and support us in our journey of taking photos even after the workshop is over.👍

Student from #TeenphotoAcademy edition 2

As a person who does not usually dwell into the technical features while shooting photographs , this workshop taught me the basic skills that could make shooting photographs more interesting. . The best part , is all the projects we did , helped establish our individuality as we were given a chance to show who we are through photographs and the opportunity to this with people from diffrent parts of the world made this course even more enjoyable.

Student from #TeenphotoAcademy edition2

Join us on September 19 and 26 from 11 a.m to 12 a.m to be part of their photography journey!