A Photo a Day Kept the Doctor Away!

Being a father of two boys aged 11 and 6 and two dogs, during these unprecedented times of Coronavirus took a real toll on our mental wellbeing.

Within a matter of weeks into the lockdown, I started to experience an overload of emotions, from anxiety to stress to gratitude. The physical and mental wellbeing of my children, family, and community filled thoughts pushing me into uncharted territory.  It was so easy for me to lose sight of what I had and have and get caught up with the stresses of day to day living. These trying times however presented me with an opportunity, an opportunity to try and showcase an attitude of gratitude for the love and wonder in our lives.

To this end, my boys suggested that each day, no matter what, we should take a few photos and document these times. These fun and sometimes emotional activities of us taking photos really had a positive impact on our outlook by filling each day with a sense of gratitude and wonder.

I have come to believe that a photograph a day does keeps the doctor away! With just the basic understanding of how to take a photo, it was not about how good or bad the photo outcome was, it was about us doing something together as father and sons and growing with these strong bonds. It was about us taking a few minutes to understand and appreciate the simple pleasure and comforts around us.

I know one day in the future, we all can look back at these days and see what we did to beat anxiety, boredom, and stress through this simple exercise of capturing life through images.

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