Interview: Insider into Wildlife photography

Riddhi Mukherjee, a wildlife photographer and explorer, has traveled over vast distances to various places such as Assam, the Sundarbans Biosphere Reserve, and other national parks in India. His work, published in renowned magazines such as Lonely Planet, National Geographic, BBC and Sanctuary Asia, captures compelling images of the world around him.   This month,Continue reading “Interview: Insider into Wildlife photography”

Social Media . . . a boon or a bane?

By: Suhani Sethi, KC High school, Grade 10 Photography is all the craze these days. Social media apps like Instagram and Facebook are constantly evolving to make their platform simpler but more sophisticated for photographers of all ages to promote their work! However, the emergence of different social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter goContinue reading “Social Media . . . a boon or a bane?”