Excerpts from New Indian Express (29th September 2020)

Over the years, the definition of home has transcended from its literal sense — of being made of four walls and metamorphosed into a feeling — one that takes you beyond its brick and mortar facade. For some, it could be a haven, an abode of entertainment, a place to just ‘crash’, a person whoContinue reading “Excerpts from New Indian Express (29th September 2020)”

All I see, I love | 19 Sep 2020 + Reviews

Our students from #EyeSpyWithCPB Level 2 and #TeenPhotoAcademy had their first ever online exhibition! For the past few months, students have been exploring and photographing their homes and loved ones while building up to a final project. Some students convey the bonds within their closely-knit family, some explore multiple homes, some document travels, while some showcase home as aContinue reading “All I see, I love | 19 Sep 2020 + Reviews”

CPB at AISC’s 25th Anniversary

Earlier this year, the American International School Chennai invited us to be part of the 25th Year celebrations, a mela on the grounds that would attract the AISC community of students, teachers, staff, parents and partners! CPB was to organize a series of workshops with photo enthusiasts of their community that would culminate in aContinue reading “CPB at AISC’s 25th Anniversary”

#Announcement: CPB Photocamps is now CPB Prism

We are pleased to announce that CPB Photocamps is now CPB Prism!  CPB Photocamps has been on quite a journey so far. Since 2018, with almost 1000+ students and over 30 schools participating, our commitment to organizing #cpbphotocamps, i.e photo-education for school students remains strong.  Looking ahead, we are broadening our scope, online as wellContinue reading “#Announcement: CPB Photocamps is now CPB Prism”

Shooting Animals: How the Camera Gives Life to Virtual Creatures

The role of cinematography has changed in the era of virtual effects. In this series, we will explore the creative ways in which cinematographic choices—choices about the camera’s movement, placement, distance, angle and framing of action—help to ‘give life’ to creatures that never existed in reality.  The Mobile Frame The mobile frame, or a continuousContinue reading “Shooting Animals: How the Camera Gives Life to Virtual Creatures”

“What is home?” – A Digital Student Exhibition

June 27, 2020 | First-ever Online Exhibition with CPB Photocamps / Teen Photo Academy Over the course of seven weeks in the summer of 2020, our students first batch of #TeenPhotoAcademy tried to capture the essence of what home means to them through photographs. While one student included photographs of a little mynah’s nest she’s set up inContinue reading ““What is home?” – A Digital Student Exhibition”