#Announcement: CPB Photocamps is now CPB Prism

We are pleased to announce that CPB Photocamps is now CPB Prism! 

CPB Photocamps has been on quite a journey so far. Since 2018, with almost 1000+ students and over 30 schools participating, our commitment to organizing #cpbphotocamps, i.e photo-education for school students remains strong. 

Looking ahead, we are broadening our scope, online as well as to newer audiences. Virtual photography programs have commenced and plans are underway for a new website, more online educational content as well as curriculum development in Indian languages. 

This is why we are introducing our vision alongside a new identity. Titled Prism, the logo & title is based on the phenomena of light passing through an angled optical surface and refracting into multiple colours – which has its relevance to photography and the study of light and colour, but also represents inclusivity and diversity in the audiences, partners and students we interact with.


Prism is the community-based & grassroots educational wing of the Chennai Photo Biennale (CPB) Foundation promoting lens-based arts education, primarily for children. We empower students to leverage the arts for creative expression, documentation, as well as to explore vital issues, stimulate critical thought, and drive social change. Our programs introduce and encourage alternative and creative career paths for students. 

What we do 

Through workshops, online learning modules, curricula, public programs, exhibitions and screenings, we show the work of internationally-renowned and emerging photographers and filmmakers alongside student and alumni work. We also provide free education programs for middle and high school students from underrepresented and/or marginalized neighbourhoods and communities. 

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