Excerpts from New Indian Express (29th September 2020)

Over the years, the definition of home has transcended from its literal sense — of being made of four walls and metamorphosed into a feeling — one that takes you beyond its brick and mortar facade. For some, it could be a haven, an abode of entertainment, a place to just ‘crash’, a person whoContinue reading “Excerpts from New Indian Express (29th September 2020)”

Round-up of #InAugustCompany, Week 4

We now come to the last week of #InAugustCompany! We owe each of you who submitted your stories and photographs to us a huge deal of gratitude for allowing us a glimpse into your lives during the lockdown, sharing everything you’ve learnt, and being an inspiration to other photographers shooting in isolation. Find a complete listContinue reading “Round-up of #InAugustCompany, Week 4”

Round-up of #InAugustCompany, Week 3

The third week of #InAugustCompany saw photographs made by artists pondering over familial relationships, their connections to their living spaces, their everyday routines, and objects and living creatures that have revealed themselves to have special meaning to them in the duration of the lockdown. Check out a few photographs and the stories behind them below.Continue reading “Round-up of #InAugustCompany, Week 3”

Round-up of #InAugustCompany: Week 2

Over the course of August of 2020, we invited photographers to send us photos shot during the lockdown. These images revealed the various ways in which we all engage with photography. For some of us, the stories were about how we interact with our homes and spaces and for others it is about documenting ourContinue reading “Round-up of #InAugustCompany: Week 2”

Round-up of #InAugustCompany: Week 1

As a celebration of World Photography Day, CPB Prism sent out an open call for photography submissions to photographers across India! While some people have been photographing time at home with a loved one, others have used their newfound free time to discover a new hobby or to learn something new. The submissions we receivedContinue reading “Round-up of #InAugustCompany: Week 1”

Excerpts from Hindu MetroPlus Interview (April 30, 2020)

https://www.thehindu.com/photos/chennai-photo-biennale-holds-online-workshops-for-teenagers/article31473112.ece 1. Can you begin by elaborating on CPB’s efforts with education since it’s inception? How has the city’s response been to this, so far?  The Education program of the CPB Foundation was developed in response to the first edition of the Biennale. We felt the absence of a grassroots outreach student program that wouldContinue reading “Excerpts from Hindu MetroPlus Interview (April 30, 2020)”